Tri-Metal/White Bronze Plating

Tri-metal is an alloy consisting of copper, tin and zinc that is also referred to as "white bronze," thanks to its color, which is often compared to bright/satin nickel or silver. The bright white finish of tri-metal plating can be used as an undercoat with palladium, palladium/nickel, silver or gold products, or as a topcoat with those finishes.

Tri-metal or white bronze plating creates a non-toxic, non-magnetic deposit that is highly resistant to corrosion. This metal finishing application has low porosity and a low coefficient of friction. Lead free tri-metal plating is outstanding for solder applications. Because white bronze plating is non-magnetic, it is often used for applications instead of nickel. It has excellent wear resistance. Because of its corrosion protection features, tri-metal is used in a variety of commercial and consumer industries:

Select Tri-Metal/White Bronze Plating Applications:

• Microwave Filter
• Radio Frequency (RF)
• Electrical Contact
• High Wear
• Medical
• Coaxial Connectors

Precision Plating offers tri-metal plating services in each of the following segments of our capabilities:


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