Metal Finishing

What is Metal Finishing and Its Advantages?

Metal finishing is the process of coating a surface using materials such as gold, silver, palladium, copper, tin, or palladium nickel. Metal finishing applications are used in numerous industries ranging from electronics and automotive to aerospace and telecommunications. Without metal finishing, products would wear much quicker. Additional advantages of metal finishing include enhanced:

The Metal Finishing Process

There are three main stages to the metal finishing process, each of which includes moving the object to be plated through chemical baths.

  1. Pre-Treatment: The pre-treatment stage is the foundation for a perfectly plated object, as this is when it is stripped and cleaned. Our experts ensure objects are disassembled, evenly cleaned and are polished so finishing won’t flake or bubble.
  2. Treatment: This step is when a layer of metal, such as silver, gold, tin, copper, nickel, or brass, is applied to the object. The more time an object is in the bath, the thicker the metal plating will become.
  3. Post-Treatment: While some finishing jobs will be complete after step two, other jobs require a few additional steps, such as clear coats or additional anti-tarnish coats to improve the object’s resistance.

Precision Plating is Here to Answer Your Metal Finishing Questions

Are there new metal finishing materials better suited to your application than what you're currently using? With over 900 years of metal finishing experience, Precision Plating Company can suggest alternatives you didn't even know existed. Our team’s experience in metal finishing means a vast knowledge of materials, including gold, nickel, copper, solders, and lead-free tin, and techniques like loose piece or barrel plating, continuous selective plating, and rack plating. Our team of plating experts is here to help you make decisions based on your production needs and product design, as well as your business needs. At Precision, a controlled plating process and excellent service is at the heart of customer satisfaction. In addition to providing impeccable service and being a preferred supplier to worldwide semiconductor and global automotive industry leaders, quality and repeatability are assured through our ISO/TS 16949:2009 registered quality systems certification.

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