Tin Plating

Tin Plating - A Reliable Choice

Precision Plating provides several tin plating options including:

• Lead-Free Matte
• Leaded Matte
• Bright
• Reflowed

Our wide selection of tin plating options allows us to customize electroplating and metal finishing solutions to meet the exact specifications of our clients.

Lead-Free Tin Plating

Lead-free tin is a soft metal that provides superior electrical conductivity and corrosion protection. The method of plating is often used to preserve the solderability of under-plated deposits such as copper or nickel. At least 100 grams of contact force is recommended when using lead-free tin in a contact application. Thanks to Precision's experience in the industry, we can recommend always utilizing a sliding or wiping action during contact engagement in lead free tin plated connector applications. Our lead-free tin deposits meet all RoHS requirements.

Matte and Bright Tin Lead Plating

Specifications: AMS-P-81728, ASTM B579, MIL-P-81728

Alloying matte and bright tin with lead reduces the melting point, which is favorable for applications when solderability is important. This process also prevents the formation of tin whiskers. All other performance characteristics of leaded matte and bright tin are similar to that of pure tin. Neither plating methods meet RoHS requirements.

Precision Plating offers Matte and Bright Tin/Lead plating in each of the following segments of our capabilities:

Prototype / Rack / Barrel / Vibratory / Continuous Reel to Reel (Select and Overall)

Reflow Tin Plating

Specifications: ASTM B545, MIL-T-10727

Reflow tin is produced by plating a pure matte tin deposit and then subjecting that deposit to a heat source that melts or “reflows” the tin deposit. The resulting deposits have a bright appearance, similar to that of bright tin, without the negative effects of co-deposited organic components. This process is often used as a whisker mitigation technique when a nickel under-plate cannot be used under the tin deposit.
Precision Plating offers Reflow Tin plating in each of the following segments of our capabilities: Prototype / Continuous Reel to Reel (Select and Overall)

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Precision Plating engineers carry out each project specifically to our clients' product specifications. We engineer tin plating solutions for exotic alloys, stainless steel and die castings as well as brass and other copper alloys. At Precision, controlled processes and flawless service is at the heart of customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information on any of our metal plating abilities.