Copper Plating

Copper Plating Services - Engineered for Efficiency

Specifications: AMS-2418, ASTM B734, ASTM B689, MIL-C-14550

Copper plating is a popular choice for commercial metal finishing for a variety of reasons. Understanding copper plating, the materials and processes involved is vital to meeting the value, scheduling and price demands of our customers. Precision Plating's expertly trained team of engineers and operators understand the intricacies of metal finishing and copper plating. We're committed to educating our customers, and when advantageous for our clients, we use copper plating to create the most efficient and cost-effective metal finishing programs.

Copper plating creates an outstanding barrier layer that can cover substrate metals and alloys. Utilizing copper plating provides an easy-to-plate, level, and in some cases, smooth substrate, making it even more popular than nickel plating for certain metal finishing applications.

Although it can be used independently, copper is typically used as an underplate for deposits such as nickel, tin, tin/lead, gold, palladium or silver. Copper plating provides an excellent diffusion barrier preventing components of the base material from migrating into the subsequent plating layers. Copper plating generates high electrical conductivity, which has made it an excellent and inexpensive choice for high tech products as well as other applications.

Precision's Capabilities

Precision offers copper plating in each of the following segments of our capabilities: Prototype / Rack / Barrel / Vibratory / Continuous Reel to Reel.

At Precision Plating, we stand behind our metal finishes. We specifically engineer each copper plating solution on a client-by-client basis, which results in economic solutions that meet specific requirements. We strive to provide our customers with the impeccable service that we've built our reputation on. Precision Plating has been setting the standard for copper plating and metal finishing for years. Contact us today for more information on our electroplating or metal finishing services.