Preplate Reel to Reel Plating

Continuous Strip or Reel to Reel:

With 40 years of experience in reel to reel finishing, you can depend on Precision for innovative solutions that other companies do not have the history or experience to deliver. Involving Precision in the design process with your injection molder, stamping partner and or manufacturer will only bring better cost savings and long-term success to your project. Precision plates almost all of our finishes either overall or selectively using Micro-Plate (brush), Spot, Controlled Depth, Stripe and other proprietary select process.


Known by a number of different names, preplate involves plating a solid strip of material to later have material removed in a progressive die. Preplating material is fast and efficient but not always the most cost-effective. Preplate options include “stripe on strip” where a selective precious metal stripe is strategically applied to the material and will later become a critical area in the stamping process. Precision has the capabilities to run the majority of our finishes in the preplate process including reflow, and selective precious metal applications.

Call the team at Precision at 773-583-3333 to discuss your specific preplate needs. We are happy to discuss the thickness and height of your material as well as your end finish requirements.