We plate ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, including red metals, stainless steel and aluminum. You may download our capability chart here.

Prototype Select & OverallRack Select & OverallBarrel OverallVibratory OverallContinuous Select & OverallContinuous SpotCopper••••• Electroless Nickel (Hi-Mid)••••  Electroless Nickel Phosphorus    • Gold, Hard••••••Gold, Soft••••••Tri-Metal, Bi-Metal••••  Nickel Sulfamate••••• Nickel Sulfate••••  Palladium••••• Palladium Nickel••••• Silver, Bright••••• Silver, Matte (Wire Bondable)••••• Solder, Bright or Matte••••• Tin Lead-Free, Bright••••• Tin Lead-Free, Matte••••• Tin, Bright••••• Tin, Matte••••• Tin, Reflow••••• 

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