Metal Finishing Processes

At Precision we stand behind our metal finishes and each solution is specifically engineered to meet the demands of our clients. Our metal finishing solutions are engineered to plate on BeCu, exotic alloys, die-castings, aluminum, brass, phos bronze and just about any copper alloy. We believe that at the heart of good plating is a controlled metal plating solution. Please download a copy of our capability chart below for a list of all the metal finishes we plate.

Click here to download a pdf of our capabilities.

Support For Your Evolving Metal Finishing Processes Needs

Electroplating is critical to product performance and product design, but how do you decide which finishing material and process is best? Today, electronic technology and global competition demands an innovative electroplating process, providing cost effective metal finishing on components and connectors that have a wide range of industrial, mechanical, and electrical applications. Electroplating is synonymous with innovation at Precision Plating, the company that has developed engineered finishes for the evolving needs of every industry to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Precision Plating's experience and expertise in the electroplating processes makes it possible to take performance and cost reduction to the next level. Our services, such as educational electroplating seminars, engineering consultations, quick-turn prototyping support, and troubleshooting and design of experiments, allow your company to keep a competitive edge in design and development of new products with the production in mind.

Precision Plating's product development support and technical service can help you reduce cost and meet all quality requirements before, during, and after the production cycle. Our engineers will get involved early in the design and plating specification process so that you can reduce costs earlier, identify potential production issues before they are designed in and build a more competitive product. Precision will then assign their engineering experts who can plate loose or continuous reel-to-reel prototypes, either selectively or overall in low or high volume to meet pre-production requirements.

With over 900 hundred years of electroplating experience, Precision Plating Company can suggest alternatives you didn't even know existed. Experience in electroplating means a vast knowledge of materials (including gold, palladium, palladium/nickel, nickel, copper, solders and lead free tin) and techniques (like loose piece or barrel plating, continuous selective plating, and rack plating). We help you make decisions based on your production needs and product design as well as your business needs.

That's why more and more businesses today are choosing Precision Plating Company for their electroplating requirements. In addition to providing Impeccable Service and being a preferred supplier to worldwide, microwave, semiconductor and global automotive industry leaders, quality and repeatability are assured through our ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality systems certification.
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