Partnering with Precision Plating Company

Precision Plating Company takes product performance and cost reduction efforts to a new level with over 100 years of experience and expertise in the electroplating processes.  

Services to our clients, such as educational electroplating seminars for a company’s engineering team directed toward common challenges and design hurdles, quick-turn prototyping support for product development or refinement and troubleshooting or design of experiments (DOE) which allow your company to maintain its competitive edge.

In this day and age, every bit of cost savings and performance is needed to be competitive and Precision Plating Company's product development and technical support teams can help you eliminate unnecessary plating costs to meet stringent pricing targets and win more business.

When embarking on the product design process, Precision’s engineering team prefers to become involved early in the development of the plating specification process so cost minimization and performance criteria can be taken into account.

Precision Plating's engineering experts will apply our collective knowledge from production to quality to engineering to develop a process that will yield all performance criteria at the lowest cost possible.  As development work is underway, Precision can plate prototype samples using a variety of plating methods to prove out finish performance, repeatability or to meet pre-production requirements.

Why choose Precision Plating Company?

• We stand behind our product 100%.
• We will work to fix problems, not place blame.
• We will do what we say we will do.
• People who deliver on their service commitment
• Quality is designed into our products

Verticals served:

• Automotive
• Industrial Connector
• Telecommunications and RF Microwave
• Semi-Conductor and Sensor
• Medical
• Military
• Metal Etching - Prototyping

Valued Clients:

• Bosch Group
• Tyco
• Molex
• Lockheed Martin
• Northrup Grumman
• Medtronic
• Illinois Tool Works
• Denso
• Chrysler
• Sensata
• Ford
• L3 Communications
• Delphi
• Honda

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