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Why choose Precision Plating Company?

Precision stands behind every product we offer.  We have for over 100 years and will continue to do so for the next 100 years.

Precision will dig into your issue to find the best solution.  From logistics to engineering, Precision will work with you to develop a solution that fits your company’s needs.

We work to fix problems, not place blame.

We are a company that delivers on a commitment to service at all company levels

Drop in Replacement

“In all my years of sourcing products I have never had a transfer go this smoothly…”


During the 2010 economic rebound, a global connector manufacturer sees early signs of capacity issues in one of their US facilities and needs to outsource a large volume, selective gold program without downtime or delivery issues


Precision’s production, engineering, quality and logistics teams collaborate with members of our customer’s corresponding teams to develop a transition strategy.  Through intensive team work, products arrived at Precision and began shipping 12 hours later without delay or issues with product quality. 

Cost Avoidance


Precious metal prices continue to climb at an alarming rate and as a result a division of a Fortune 300 company is feeling competitive pricing pressure from European, Asian and domestic competitors.  How can they lower precious metal costs and provide a drop in replacement that will meet the same performance criteria while maintaining or improving margins on the finished product?


Precision’s engineering team works closely with our customer to prove out and validate a palladium/nickel gold flash option.  The lower cost, denser material advantage of palladium proved to be a viable option and would work very well as a drop in replacement.  The palladium provided a harder finish that works well in a connector application while the gold flash provided lubricity and aesthetics quality that allowed customers to switch between finishes depending on the market cost of the two precious metals. 

Plate While You Wait

"I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone involved for their great service! As a business owner it is a great comfort to have a vendor that cares as much about their customer's customer as they do their own."


A metal etcher located in Indiana got a call on Friday night from a customer who's "one man show" tin plater went to play golf instead of taking care of his customer and he needed parts plated by 8PM that night.


Precision's service team set-up a "plate and wait" for our customer's customer and treated this gentlemen to a three hour turnaround on a Friday night! Parts were packaged and ready to be dropped off at a local Fed Ex depot so his customer could have plated parts for assembly on Saturday morning. His customer called him numerous times throughout the weekend to thank him, amazed at the service he was provided.

48 Hours Of Reel To Reel


Our customer had molded samples that he needed plated and to his customer for evaluation in 48 hours or less.


Contacted Precision and parts were pre-engineered before arriving the next day. When parts arrived, they were immediately taken to the line, plated, inspected and packaged. They shipped out the same day and made it to the customer for qualification.

The Geographic Solution


A customer on the East Coast loved our service and support but due to shipping costs, had to keep some products at a local source that couldn't keep up. They wanted to send more work to Precision, but shipping costs prevented them from moving product.


Precision did an in depth study of the jobs that were staying local and found that we could hold the price the same and include UPS Ground shipping as part of our service. The customer was able to reduce the vendor base and send it to Precision, return freight included!

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