Today’s manufacturing landscape means compressed production timelines and minimal on-hand inventories.  The result is a need for rapid turnaround and up-to-the minute knowledge of when and where your material will arrive.  The availability of order status info is critical and tracking becomes essential in the scheduling of raw material, resources and personnel.

Back in 2008 Precision Plating Company launched a web-based platform giving our customers real-time order status, shipping and tracking information for every one of their orders in our system.  This information is available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This system is exceptionally useful for customers with multiple orders in our system at a given time.  The system is streamlined, organized and always available.

Complimenting My.PPC1904 is our Order Notification System.  An email based system alerting buyers, schedulers or production managers to the arrival of orders at Precision, count discrepancies, estimated ship dates, shipping and tracking info.