The NASF Industry-Specific Conference


SUR/FIN 2008 in Indianapolis proved again to be the premier way to stay abreast of emerging technology and the ever-changing regulatory requirements facing our country. The conference included informational seminars pertaining to Airline/Aerospace, Automotive, and Management Outlook. This is where Becky spent most of her time in addition to attending the NAMF Council Meeting, the Membership Committee Meeting, and working the Membership Pavilion Booth.

Since the globalization of regulation started a few years, it has been a challenge to keep up to date with what is happening in the United States and the European Union. Job shops and suppliers servicing the automotive, electronics, and aerospace sectors in the U.S. have made major commitments in time, resources, and technology changes to comply with the E. U.’s mandates to restrict certain metals and chemicals in products. The automotive type applications must deal with ELV and the electronics type applications must deal with RoHS / WEEE to restrict the use of chromium, cadmium, and lead. Precision Plating is fortunate that we do not use chromium or cadmium, but we still have customers that require the use of tin / lead type plating (solder).

The next regulation on the horizon is the Dangerous Substances Directive. The E.U. will require classification and labeling of 140 nickel compounds as major cancer causing agents. This regulation could have an economic impact on the metal finishing industry, and ultimately disrupt the use of nickel in the supply chain. So far16 other nations, including Canada and Australia are opposing the E.U.’s decision to regulate nickel compounds in this manner.

Also attending the show this year were Hanie, Luis., Kimbo, and Noe who spent their time looking for new technology to improve the processes at Precision Plating. Within one week of returning from the show, new equipment was ordered. Precision feels that it is very important to attend trade shows. This is the best way to see what type of equipment is available and helps to spur new ideas within the technical group at Precision.

It was not all work at this Conference and Trade Show. Kimbo, Becky and Noe attended the Industry Night Event – a visit to the Indianapolis Speedway for a tour of the Museum and a ride around the track that included a stop to “step on or kiss the bricks”. It was a great evening.
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