Rack And Barrell Plating:The Green Team


With the large numbers of waste and metal which can all be recycled and recovered, the Rack and Barrel Plating area has been taking steps towards a greener and eco-friendly PPC. The first step the Rack and Barrel Plating team has made is taking a look around the plant. What is being thrown away? What pumps can be turned off? Are all the tanks that are heated being used? We are identifying problems and creating solutions.

Turning off rectifiers that aren’t being used, slowing down the flow of water and using optimal heat for our baths are ways the Rack and Barrel Plating area has been conserving. The team has not been firing up tanks and lines not in use. We make sure that tanks are properly shut down right after production. Spray rinses have been put into operation on our selective plating area instead of a constant flow of water to minimize water usage. Scrap drums have been placed in designated areas to collect left over metal. We have worked as a team to save our finest assets, our natural resources. Through education and proper training, the rack and barrel team will champion the idea of “going green” as a way to save “green.”

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