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Impeccable Service is our goal. Not because we want to be perfect, nothing is in this world, but instead, we wanted to make it easier for you to do your job. If you look good, we look good. To make your job easy, we are happy to be taking the next logical step in Impeccable Service. Precision is proud to introduce, a real-time Open Order Reporting system that gives you access to your orders, 24/7/365!

Here is what our happy customers are saying 24 hours later:

“This looks like a great tool for the buyers and planners!”

“Great job! It helped me a lot tonight!”

“This is great!!!!”

“So far it is great. I love Excel!” enables you to see orders as they arrive and as they are shipped. We will work hard in the coming months to introduce “Promise Dates”. Our goal is to ship 100% to our promise.

Some of the features are as follows:
• Track your shipments with just one click.
• Sort your orders by any of the columns in the report.
• Detail page showing details contained in your order.
• Download all of your orders into Excel.

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