Precision Plating Installs Eidschun’s CycleRinse


Precision Plating is excited to announce our commitment to reducing manufacturing time, waste and water use by utilizing Eidschun's next generation CycleRinse technology. CycleRinse modules are designed to handle all the rinse requirements for a new production line that will go into production November of 2008.

We have integrated the CycleRinse modules into our new manually operated multiple process line. Our new line will increase throughput, improve product quality and enhance our waste treatment capability while reducing water use and floor space.

The Eidschun CycleRinse technology contains a series of reservoirs that are sequentially pumped to and from the rinse tank in cascade fashion to rinse the barrel through four separate dilutions. After each reservoir has been pumped to the rinse tank and back, fresh water is pumped to the rinse tank. The fresh water drains to the last rinse reservoir, creating a cascade from the cleanest to dirtiest reservoir. Then the dirtiest reservoir overflows to waste treatment.

Precision Plating Company is hopes that the compact CycleRinse modules will increase our production capabilities, and drastically reduce the line footprint since new or additional process stations can be inserted in the space captured by the removal of inefficient cascade rinse tanks. Call Precision Plating at 773-583-3333 or via email at to learn more about these energy efficient processes. For more information about CycleRinse technology Contact Eidschun by email or on the web at
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