Precision Helps Reduce “URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT”


The City of Chicago has made a very big push to use “green” building technology. Knowing that our roof needed replacement, Precision applied for and was awarded a grant from the City to install state of the art roofing material that is designed to reflect ultraviolet rays away from the roof. This will keep our roof and building cooler. Dark materials absorb a greater amount of heat than lighter/white materials. A typical asphalted black roof absorbs 70% or more solar energy than a "cool roof". On a sunny, summer day, a black roof can reach temperatures in excess of 170°F. On the same day, the highly reflective GAF Cool Roof can be as low as 110°F.

The City of Chicago states:
There are two main ways to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect: replace dark-colored surfaces (such as black tar roofs and asphalt parking lots) with light-colored surfaces, and increase vegetation. Light-colored roofs and paving materials reflect light and heat, making the surrounding area cooler than when dark-colored roofs and paving are used.

Tina Nunes has been working closely with a roofing contractor, Local Roofing Co., Inc. to completely remove the existing roof over the reel to reel department and install the GAF Cool Roof. In the process, we will replace damaged concrete decking, remove the existing gravel covering, old debris and obsolete exhaust fans from the roof. The work has been completed and we hope to start to feel the “coolness” in the plant floor as the summer months arrive.

This photo shows the effect that the reflective roof has in deflecting the heat away from the building and reducing the heat effect caused by the direct sunlight.
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