Palladium: The New Luxurious Buzz Word In Jewelry


Palladium, a platinum group metal (PGM) with similar fine properties and more, has only been recently tapped into by the fine jewelry industry. Unlike other PGMs, Palladium is less dense which allows for more opulent shapes and volume to be formed. It is also currently priced at US$250-350 an ounce, making it more economical than platinum or gold.

In addition to soaring platinum and gold prices, the jewelry industry is also in need of a natural, permanent solution for a luxurious and performance-reliable white metal.

Since white gold is not a natural material, and is in fact 75% or lower percentage of yellow gold plated with 25% or more of other white metals, most retailers and consumers face the problem of their white gold jewelry ‘‘tarnishing’ into a yellowish tint. As for platinum, its usage has been limited by its exorbitant price tag, heavy density and design restrictions.

"Palladium is 30 times rarer than gold and doesn’t need plating or bleaching. Palladium’s whiteness is brighter than platinum or white gold, and with such attractive prices per ounce, it is perfect for purveyors who want a pure, precious, strong and luxurious metal that is naturally white and yet affordable,” informed Stewart Grice, lead metallurgist at Hoover & Strong, at the panel conference.

Precision has been offering Palladium plating solutions for many years and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your application.

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About Palladium Alliance International

The Palladium Alliance International (PAI) is an organization committed to establishing Palladium as a luxurious, precious and distinctive metal. The organization provides education, marketing and technical support and a vision for the promotion of palladium - a superior, pure, white, bright and light metal. The PAI aims to position to professionals and their consumers a metal that they can value as a luxury and equate with quality and excellence. Formed in March 2006, PAI offices are located in the UK, U.S. and China. Membership is open to leading palladium producers, refiners and jewelry manufacturers.
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