New Air Compressor: Going Green Where It Counts


One of the exciting projects that the Maintenance Team is involved in this year is the addition of a new 200 HP Direct Drive Rotary Air Compressor. This machine will be replacing our very old 100 HP compressor that broke down late last year. What’s exciting about this machine is the fact that it will start saving energy instantly by using a unique feature called PowerSync!

PowerSync is a feature that gives the new compressor the ability to function as a base-load machine and a part-load machine. What this means is that when we don’t need the entire capacity of the compressor, the feature quickly decreases the air flow output. The results are that this machine will not run 24 hours a day like our old compressor and will not run at 100% capacity either which will save even more energy where it counts, “In our pockets!”.
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