Local Brands Shine at Beijing Auto Show


As the Big Three continue to chase their tails, the automotive industry in the United States continues to have a threat from China. We found this article to be a good indication of what the competition in China looks like and it looks like cars we would certainly see on the roads in the United States.

About one-third of the 572 vehicles displayed at this
week’s auto show in Beijing carry domestic brands, an alltime
high for the biannual event since it began in 1990,
reports Xinhua News.

The news service says local brands, which dominate
the low end of China’s auto market, currently account for
about 25% of total vehicle sales in the country. China’s
central government has said it hopes domestic nameplates
will account for an ambitious 60% of sales by 2010. Xinhua
says FAW, China’s oldest OEM, is showing 10 models
under its own name and 19 more produced through
ventures with Toyota and Volkswagen. And Dongfeng Motor
is displaying 15 models, about half of them sold under the
company’s own brand.

One striking difference in this year’s show: a dramatic
shift from knock-off models to original designs, Phil
Murtaugh tells the Associated Press. Murtaugh, the former
head of China operations for General Motors Corp., was
named in June to head domestic brand operations for
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.

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