Introducing Precision’s Small Lot Line


Precision Plating is proud to introduce our small lot barrel line. A barrel plating line dedicated to addressing the growing demand for reducing inventory in stock, supporting just in time manufacturing and build to order production.

The small lot barrel line will focus on small order quantities which require quick turn and the high quality, reliability and consistency that our customers have come to expect. The line provides copper, silver, gold, and palladium metal finishes. The small lot line has a dedicated inspection department and is set up to provide an efficient process flow.

Precision has also taken the opportunity to enhance other features in the production area to provide elements of “green manufacturing”. From the lighting, which is energy efficient, to the use of self contained triple flow rinses allowing the minimization of water use, Precision has taken steps to minimize the impact of the use of utilities in this area to fight off the rising costs that plague manufacturing companies.

If you would like some more information call Mario at 773-557-1278 to see how your product can benefit.
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