Environmental Impact - What is Precision Doing?


What is Precision Doing to lessen our impact on the environment?

The Purchasing Dept. has helped by eliminating 80% of paper towels used in our facility by replacing them with energy saving hand dryers in the restrooms. We have eliminated the Styrofoam cups and bowls in our lunchroom and encourage PPC Associates to furnish their own. We are working with our supply chain to minimize transportation and environmental fees that are tacked onto our purchases.

Environmental Treatment:
We are constantly monitoring and adjusting the amount of water being used by associates of PPC. We do all we can to keep our water consumption low.

Chemical Laboratory:
To conserve paper, we use both sides for printing and note taking. To conserve electricity, we make sure that equipment not in use is turned off. To reduce chemical waste, we have adjusted the amount of chemicals needed for hull cell testing from 5 ounces to 1 ounce.

In our area, it is necessary to maintain samples of plated material (called “retained samples) for a period of time. At the end of this period, the samples are removed from their pouch and sent out for metal and precious metal reclaim.

The Credit Department is reducing energy use by turning off their computers nightly and wherever possible, sending out invoices electronically.

In shipping, we make every effort to make our trips to our customers efficient by planning routes that transport the most products with the minimum amount of energy. This will reduce our company’s carbon monoxide impact.

The receiving dock will be recycling about 50 – 75 storage boxes of invoices rather than throwing them in the trash.

In Reel to Reel Engineering, we conserve energy by designing the shortest and simplest processes.

More Environmental Facts:
Fact: Water is NOT Free
On average, Precision uses 103,000 gallons of water per day!
The cost to purchase and treat our water is $0.0066 per gallon. At our current usage, this equates to $179,000 per year.

Fact: Leaving Computers on Wastes Energy
A typical PC and monitor sends 1000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. The average PC consumes 588 Kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and wastes almost 400 kWh by running at full power when not in use.

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