Dorota Enters the Circle of Excellence


Of the twelve years that Dorota has been in the U.S., she has spent the last seven years working at Precision as a Machine Operator in the Reel to Reel Department.

PPC: Why did you leave Poland?
DB: At the time (early 90’s) it was hard to make any money in Poland. I had gone to college to study garden plants but that did not make any difference. I ended up in a low paying office job. A friend of mine had moved to Chicago and convinced me to leave my country and come to the U.S. I left Woja, Poland on my own and moved here. Now my brothers and sisters are here too. And my parents visit us often.

PPC: So you studied plants and flowers, worked in an office and now you are a machine operator at Precision. How did this come about?
DB: Everybody asks me that. A friend of mine from soccer, Renee Bechtoldt, told me about the job opening here. I have always liked to do mechanical type things; I used to fix my bike and motorcycle. This sounded like something I would like to do. I am very handy.

PPC: What is your specialty in the Reel to Reel Department?
DB: I work on the belt module lines, 43 and 48. I do 90% of my own setup and all of my own inspection. I take a lot of pride in my machines and I keep them very clean. They work better if they are clean. I think this is important. I do a good job and rarely have problems or rejects.

PPC: What do you like best about the job?
DB: I like the start up and set up the best. I like to look ahead on the schedule to make sure that I am ready for the next job. When I have a long runner, I help other operators with start up and set up. Also, I like working for Luis, he is a good man.

PPC: Tell us about your family.
DB: My husband, Gregorz, and I have one son, Patrick who is 2 ½. My mom is here to help us watch him while we are working. I get home from work about 3:30 p.m. and like to take Patrick to the playground.

PPC: Do you have a vacation planned for this year?
DB: Yes, my husband, Patrick and I are joining some other friends and we are going to rent a house in Arkansas. There will be ten of us altogether. We are going to fish, relax and have fun. We are all looking forward to it.

PPC: Do you have a personal philosophy on working?
DB: Yes I do. “[When] we work better, we save more [$$].”
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