Conversation with our Director of First Impressions


The first person a customer, supplier and most employees meet when they come to or call Precision is Olivia Sandidge. She is our “Director of First Impressions” so we decided to focus on her since many of you who call our switchboard speak with her, know her and love her. Here is her interview.

1)When did you start working at Precision? January 14, 1980

2)What are the different jobs that you have done here? I started as a secretary in the quality department. One year later I moved to the front office and have been there ever since.

3)What have you learned over the past 26 years? I have learned how to develop a good relationship with the customers and how to work with all the different people in the company, including the owners. I have assisted with the paperwork in many areas from CI sheets in Quality to assisting with Accounts Payable and most recently I have been doing the invoicing.

4)Can you relate one or two stories that stand out from your many years here?
a.Going way back to the Zacharias era – one day when someone came to the front door claiming to know Jim and Dick Zacharias and tried to bully their way in. I said “I know them too, they sign my check. But, I don’t know you.” I would not let them in. Jim Z wanted to know if our security was as good in the back as it is in the front!

b.Jim B calls me the “General”, the “Colonel” and the “Sergeant”. Some suppliers have called me “Sweet Potato Girl” and the kids of some of the employees call me “Auntie O”. I answer to many names. And I like to think that I always know where everyone is!

c.One day shortly after I started, I overhead a conversation in the Quality Department about “put the female part into the male part” etc., etc. and I wondered what kind of company is this? I didn’t know then that parts were sometimes referred to like that.

5)What makes you different from other receptionists? I have a knack of remembering people’s names, voices and facts about their lives, even from twenty years ago. I am very interested in people and I take great pride in this.

6)Tell me about your involvement with your church. Currently, I am Vice President of the Benevolence Committee. I help people in need of clothing, food and furniture when they fall into hard times. I handle illness and death issues. I am the lead singer (an alto) in the choir and I also sing for another church. I have received the Pastors Award and appeared in plays.

7)Besides your church and your family, what are your other interests? I like to do some creative things on the computer. I do some printing for a senior citizen newsletter. Because many people know of my singing, I go all around performing at picnics, weddings, etc.

8)What are your goals for the future? I do plan to retire and be happy and comfortable. I would like to work off and on do some traveling. I won’t be leaving Chicago – I can’t go back to the wooded areas anymore, my dark days are over. And, I’m not getting married unless the offer is right!

9)Is there anything that you want to add? Yes, I want to thank Jim B and the Belmonti Family for everything that they have done for me, for my family and for my church. They are good people.
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