Barbara, Employee of the Month – June


Two years ago, Barbara left the two jobs that she was working to join Precision’s Chemical Lab staff.

PPC: So exactly what are your duties here at Precision?

BS: First thing in the morning, I collect samples of the Miralloy solutions from the General [Rack & Barrel] area. I analyze all of the solutions and make the calculations for any additions to the solutions. Then I analyze the precious metal solutions, and make the calculations for adds to those solutions. I also analyze the non-precious solutions and make the calculations for the adds. We have a lot of solutions so this takes quite a bit of time.

PPC: What do you like best about your job here?

BS: I like to be busy and I am. I am a Chemist so I enjoy working in the Lab but I like to see what is going on in production too. I would like to learn more about plating.

PPC: What is your biggest challenge?

BS: I think it’s my English. I can read it well and I understand perfectly but I sometimes get confused when speaking. I went to National Louis University to study English. I would take another class, but I don’t have very much time.

PPC: How many languages do you speak?

BS: I used to be fluent in Russian, it was like speaking Polish to me. And since I grew up near the German border, I also know German. But I don’t get an opportunity to speak these languages here, so I am not as good as I once was.

PPC: What do you do for fun?

BS: I like to read and go to movies. I love swimming, especially in Lake Michigan and sometimes I run. My friends and I go out for dinner at different restaurants, not Polish one’s (I can cook that at home).

PPC: Were you surprised to be chosen as the Employee of the Month of June?

BS: Very much. I thank Becky for that. She and I are both specific and exacting; I think that’s why I enjoy working for her. I also like my trophy. I have it at home.
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