Armando Grateful Employee


Armando was working in the Environmental Department of Amber Plating for eleven years when it closed early in 2003. A friend recommended that he try for a position at Precision. He was hired in March of 2003. His position is Environmental and Chemical Lab Technician.

PPC: When you think back and compare Amber Plating to Precision, what differences come to mind?
AG: Precision is a lot better organized. The people treat you very well. The whole structure is different. The analysis is similar.

PPC: One of the reasons that you were chosen to be our employee of the month is because the managers find that you are very easy to work with. What is your viewpoint on working?
AG: I am proactive. I look around to see what is going on in the plating departments; I look to see what is needed. I like to make sure that everyone has the chemicals that they need. I want to keep production running. It helps me to help them.

PPC: Will you share with us some of the different things that you have learned at Precision?
AG: I have learned a lot from Becky. She is a good teacher. I know how to treat chemicals. I have learned many different analyses, even electroless nickel. I now know how to work with tin and precious metals.

PPC: Do you know how to plate?
AG: Yes. When I first started, I used to help out in the General Area plating Miralloy. I understand the concepts.

PPC: What is your favorite thing to do?
AG: I really like working in the Environmental Department. I like keeping the system in top working order. I like to keep the area and my equipment clean.

PPC: Tell us a little about your family.
AG: My wife, Patricia, works part time. We have two children, a son and a daughter – Giovanni (11) and Berenice (8). My son loves soccer. He is on a team that I help coach. My daughter loves to dance. We spend the weekend with our children’s activities and we have movie nights.

PPC: What is your goal for the future?
AG: My goal is to help my kids succeed. I want them to go to school and to have a career.

PPC: Did you have anything else that you wanted to say?
AG: I am so grateful to everyone at Precision. I enjoy getting up in the morning to come here. People here say “thank-you” and that means a lot to me.
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