Precision’s New Brochure


Late 2009 marked the beginning of a new project within Precision: develop a sales and marketing leave behind that emphasized Precision's core strengths and illustrated our rich company history. Throughout the course of developing our new brochure we received a lesson in environmental responsibility as it relates to our selection of paper and inks used in the process.

One of our main goals was to be as low impact as possible in producing this brochure. Our solution would be implemented in a two-part strategy. First, we would begin with a high-quality PDF file that could easily be emailed by our sales and customer service departments; in essence, spreading the Precision word without creating waste. Second, and more challenging would be addressing the needs of a printed version for tradeshows and new customer visits. To address the use of paper, Precision limited the quantity printed and paid strict attention to the paper and inks utilized. For our choice in papers, Precision chose a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper made with 30% recycled post-consumer waste.

FSC is a non-profit organization dedicated to insuring responsible management and utilization of forest products through a chain-of-custody certification process – basically tracing the paper used for the PPC brochure all the way back to a specific region and provider. The FSC logo insures the chain-of-custody adherence and responsibility and care for the Earth.

With the paper needs addressed, Precision turned to the inks that would be used to print our brochure. Initially, we felt soy based inks would be the right choice but ink technologies led us to vegetable based inks containing zero VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Lately VOCs and their potential toxicity has been the target of environmental watchdog groups for their impact on people and their surroundings.

The process of developing our new brochure was a learning experience; it gave us reason to explore what makes Precision different from other metal finishers and to better understand and further incorporate new and different aspects of responsible business practices.
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